Difference Between Water Trampolines and Water Bouncers

Difference Between Water Trampolines and Water Bouncers

Both water trampolines and water bouncers offer much fun as well as fitness opportunities. Besides being a source of fun, there are some notable differences which make each of them different from the other but still offer much regarding enjoyment and fitness benefits. Here are the differences between water trampolines and water bouncers.

How they are made

How these two products are made makes them different from each other. The trampoline is made with springs which are connected to a padding used as a jumping surface. The springs are connected to an outer tube. A water bouncer, on the other hand, has webbing which connects the pad used for jumping to an outer tube. Water trampolines have metal frames while water bouncers do not have any metal frame.

Shapes and sizes

Both have similar shapes with the round shape being the most common. There are fewer models which are triangular. Water trampolines have more structural support and also come in large models as compared to the water bouncers, water trampolines diameters may range up to twenty-five feet in diameter while for water bouncers the biggest diameter is fifteen feet.


Water trampolines have springs which have a more reinforced structure since they have springs which offer more bounce than the water bouncers. One may not experience the bounce when on water since most of it is absorbed by the water as opposed to the land-based trampolines which have the force reflected from the ground.


Both the water trampolines and the bouncers have different recommendations on who can use them. The age recommendations depend on the size of the trampoline or the bouncer. However, both require that children be supervised while playing on either model and they should also wear floating devices to ensure they are safe even while in water.

Limitations in weight

Because of their differences in structures, a water trampoline is known to support more weight since they can accommodate up to one thousand lbs. Water bouncers, on the other hand, can only support up to at most five hundred lbs. The weight recommendations come with the specifications of the model of the product chosen.


Water trampolines turn out to be more expensive than the water bouncers. This can be attributed to the fact that trampolines have more hardware. Trampolines price may be up to six thousand dollars while those of water bouncers may go up to three thousand dollars at most.

Set up time

Water trampolines have more hardware to be set up hence need more time before they can be set up and used. On the other hand, water bouncers need a little time for setting up since they only need to be inflated. They do not require assembling of various parts of the hardware. Once set up, trampolines tend to be semi-permanent as opposed to the water bouncers which can be moved easily.


The usage of these products makes a great difference between water trampolines and water bouncers. If one needs somewhere they can jump high; they will have to use a trampoline since it offers more bounce. Trampolines are more stable hence better for such high jumps.…

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