2 Degrees of Rufus

2 Degrees of Rufus
You’re in my world now.

Welcome. It’s a funky world where chickens dance with penguins. Where it’s legal to walk a dog any time you feel the itch. I call this world Memphis!

Recently, I heard about this Kevin Bacon game. Somebody figures that Kevin is the center of the movie universe–that by naming any actor or actress, you can link ’em to Kevin through other actors and actresses in other movies in 6 steps, or degrees, or less.

Then I got to thinking, “Hey, wait a minute, Rufus. YOU are the center of a universe. The music universe! Why not have your own game?” So I do. And this is it. I’ve come up with my list of the top music sites in Memphis, places where Memphis music was born and bred! All you gotta do is look at my list and figure how I link to it, through other folks, in 2 degrees or less. I gotta tell you, though, it’s usually zero degrees. Now, how’s that for cool?

Ready to get on up and do it? Go ahead and click The Game. If you’re one of those folks whose gotta know all the nit-picky particulars, click on The Rules.