Tips to Start Your Twitch Journey

Tips to Start Your Twitch Journey

You can stream your favorite retro games on twitch without any problem. If it is your first time using this platform, we recommend that you read the tips below to help you navigate the channel. Read on

Internet speed

If you are not on a fiber connection, do not worry. You only need a minimum of 5Mbps ADSL connection that supports a minimum of 720p. This applies to a router or modem. We advise new streamers to stream at 1800kbps. This is the minimum bare. If you are not a twitch partner, you must be on the top list of 10% streamers.


twitch overlayA good number of people like streaming with webcams. Twitch allows you to take shots at close intervals. This way, streamers will be clicking on your thumbnail to check out your streams. The thumbnail brings out the first impression. We all know the importance of the first impression. It is best if you invested in a good webcam.


A good microphone is a must if you are streaming on Twitch. Get a quality microphone which comes with noise cancellation feature. If you love it wireless, get something which will not interfere with other devices like WIFI or your mouse. It is advisable to use a wired connection when streaming on twitch


What is overlay? This is information sent to you at a glance. Some people go for OBS, but you can check out for paid alternatives like XSplit. It is possible to create an art Twitch overlays around the OBS. As you do this be sure to take into account the DotA game resolution. Bright overlays make your scenes more attractive and lively. Your scenes will never be boring with the overlays.


It is not advisable to compete with big streamers. I would advise that you stay away from popular games. To be ranked high on twitch you must have many viewers. At first, you can decide to give a long time ago game a try. Consider checking out for free games at first.

A teammate

DiscordSome people like to use Discord, not skype. Discord does not consume a lot of bandwidth compared to Skype. It is free. As many streamers do, talk to your teammate on Discord. Keep yourself updated on any developments on twitch. The technology world evolves every day, and you are better off if you work with the latest developments.


RC Cars for Toddlers

RC Cars for Toddlers

A remote-controlled car is one of the best gifts you can have for your kids. In fact, RC cars are also appealing even to grown-ups as most of them turn to these cars as a way of enhancing their creativity and problem-solving skills. To the younger generation, RC cars offer a wide range of developmental benefits. Some of these benefits include robust psychomotor and cognitive development. This explains why parents always flock the RC section in their favorite store to get the best remote controlled car.

Buying an RC car for your young one

rc car 21

As mentioned above, a kid stands to gain a lot from playing with an RC car. As a parent, it is up to you to get them the best model to ensure they get maximum benefits. Therefore you need to do due diligence on your part to get the best RC car. Here are some factors to consider when buying RC cars for toddlers.


If you are buying an RC car for the very first time, you might not be in the position to tell which model is the best. The best way to make a choice is to learn from the experiences of other buyers and users by reading reviews made by parents and kids. Some sites also give buyers to leave ratings about cars they have used before. If possible, go for a model with the highest ratings or most positive reviews from customers.

The reputation of the manufacturer

rc car drivingIn any industry, some manufacturers have a reputation of offering satisfactory brands. The reputation of the manufacturer can be used to predict the quality, design, and features of the RC car. Here, you will be looking at things like awards and recognition they have garnered over the years. If possible, you also need to look at things like recalls that have been there, just to have an idea of the kind of reputation they enjoy in this market.


When it comes to buying RC cars, no size or model that works for individuals of all ages. Thus, when looking for an RC car for toddlers, kids of different ages have different needs and wants. In most instances, aesthetics and advanced controls like spin, speed, and the responsiveness of the controls do matter a lot. Basic movements, LED lights and zooming sounds interest toddlers where older kids have a keen interest in some of these advanced features.…

Memphis Music – The Official Website of the Memphis and Shelby County Music Commission


Attention Local Musicians


We are trying to gather contact information for bands around town, so that we can better serve you. Please take the time to sign up !!

The University of Memphis Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music


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Memphis Musician’s Healthcare Plan

An initiative of the Memphis/Shelby County Music Commission.
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Foundations Contributing to the Fight Against Cancer

The Carl Wilson Foundation

The Silver Lining Foundation

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The Memphis Music Scene

The Memphis and Shelby County Music Commission and WREG Channel 3 present The Memphis Music Scene. The segment, airing on WREG-Channel 3, every Friday on the 4:30 P.M. News, will be hosted by News Anchor, Alex Coleman and co-hosted by President and CEO of the Memphis a

nd Shelby County Music Commission, Jerry Schilling. This news segment will provide an inside look into Memphis music and a weekly forum to update the community on the numerous things happening in our music industry both locally and nationally.

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The CA on the MSCMC
Special to View articles by Bill Ellis and Michael Donahue covering the Memphis & Shelby County Music Commission, as well as Music Commission CEO Jerry Schilling’s guest editorial from the Commercial Appeal.


Music Commission CEO Jerry Schilling’s
Speech to the Germantown Rotary
The full text of Jerry’s speech to the Germantown rotary is available online. He covers the purpose of the Music Commission, our current plans and past accomplishments, as well as his vision for the future of the Memphis music community.

Memphis Musicians in the News

Current news on Memphis Musicians, including artists at the top of the charts, Grammy nominees, and local studios/production news.

MSCMC Strategic Plan

Available online for the first time, view the Memphis and Shelby County Music Commission’s Strategic Plan, including past achievements and future goals.


An Initiative of the Memphis/Shelby County Music Commission.
Offering hometown musicians information about the Memphis Musician’s Healthcare Plan, from basic emergency care to a primary health care program.

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